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Structural properties and performance of polyquaterthiophene (PQT-12)based OFETs

Along with the development of polymer electronics organic polymers are in great interest in recent years. At present, P3HT is the mostly studied conjugated polymer which has shown its semiconducting properties during an enormous number of studies. Nonetheless, recently, our group extended our organic polymer research by polyquaterthiophene (PQT-12), which also attracted interests of many researches by its comparable properties to P3HT.

For our study we performed an in situ experiment to understand correlation of structural property and electrical performance of PQT-12. In the in situ experiment PQT-12 solution dropped on a glass substrate between two electrodes, which are gold lines deposited on the substrate and constant voltage applied on them.  While the electric current between the electrodes was being measured, a high intense x-ray beam was illuminating the sample in GIXD geometry, so that we are able to correlate the crystallization process of PQT-12 with its electric performance. In addition, to understand influences of factors such as solvent solution, sample’s molecular mass and applying voltage on the electrodes we did the experiment for those of several numbers.